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Give to your candidates an exciting journey together with Game-based Assessment

How to find a talented employee
in a 30-minute game?

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We combine cognitive psychology and a variety of game mechanics to create a virtual world with a wide range of behaviors. The players themselves form a way to solve the problem, while our algorithms evaluate every action Game Based Assessment (GBA) - a solution for assessing human intellectual potential and personality traits based on video games, neuroscience and ML
Multi-faceted potential assessment
adaptability, creativity, analytics, decision making, learning
800 events and 48 behavioral indicators
instead of the number of "correct answers"
1047 ways to play
10 000 times larger than in chess
25 minutes of an exciting game
instead of 4 hours of routine tests and interviews
How GBA helps to make hiring exciting, fast and informative
The candidate enjoys playing an interesting game
The candidate applies to the job and receives email with a link to join the web application and play for 30 minutes
Analysis of 800 game events
We are collecting data on every action, emotion, reaction. And use ML algorithms to accurately interpret it
Digital profile creation
We provide a report on the candidate's potential: adaptability, creativity, analytics, decision making, learning
Attract more talents
Develop your HR brand
Show your company's innovativeness from the first touch with the candidate
Win the candidates' hearts
Interesting to play, an opportunity to show the relevant skills and get the fast response
And get the assessed potential before the interview
Hire faster by 30%
Any amount of candidates can join the GBA immediately after getting the link
Save up to 85% of teams' resources
Distracting business teams only for high potential interviews
Get less biased results
By observing the candidate in a natural behavioral environment and ML algorithms
Unify the assessment
The results doesn't depend on the assessor's impression: a fairer comparison of several candidates with each other
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Leave a request for a free demo and team will personally show you the product
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